Lets build World's Largest Digital Human Chain to fight against Corona.


What this website does?

Corona Chain Tracker help to build your chain virtually with any object in this world like location, places, airports, apartments, departmental stores and friends. These Chains would help the users, institutions and Govt agencies to detect potential Corona encounters and save humanity

How it works ?

Please update information such as locations you visited, People you met etc. Our application uses an algorithm to determine if your activity has exposed you to corona virus or not. This helps to isolate people and also prevents them from spreading thus breaking the chain.

What should I do?

We expect users to update casual encounters everyday on our website. An mobile app is being developed to further do it automatically. If many people start updating data then application would be able to track who are potential corona virus suspects. Then we will ask the user to isolate themselves and further contact government to take appropriate measures.